Student Affairs Tech Competencies on Paper, in Practice & Possibilities

Attention Student Affairs & Higher Education professionals!

This spring, the Digital Leadership Network (DLN) is launching a brand new series of blog posts highlighting all things technology. How do you use technology in your role, on your campus, or with your students?

Join the DLN by submitting your blog post responding to any (or all!) of the questions below between now and April 22, 2018 to share your insights, stories, questions, and advice with colleagues of the field.

1. How does technology show up in your role, and how important is using technology when engaging with students? What about professionals on your campus &/or throughout the field of student affairs?
2. In what ways do online networking spaces and other technology allow or prevent you from developing and maintaining genuine relationships and meaningful interactions? What skills/resources/experiences can you share for others in the field?
3. How do you define and model the concept of digital leadership, and/or leadership qualities that the technology competency calls for?

Visit our submission form here to submit your blog post draft, brief biography, and a photo of yourself to be featured on our blog. Submissions will be considered between February and April 2018.

Questions? Contact

Check out our submission form to submit your ideas around technology in the field!

DLN_Design B_Final


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