Adventures in Podcasting

Last fall, I started a new creative adventure – a podcast. I began to lack an interest in blogging and my audience of readers and followers seemed to long for something more too. As an educator, I knew I still wanted to create and share content – so I went out exploring other options: YouTube, live streaming, and podcasting were my top picks.

YouTube felt super intimidating to pursue. I was already helping my partner with his live streaming show, which was encountering lots of challenges. Then, after deciding those options may not be a fit, I finally started listening to podcasts. Yes, that’s right – I was NOT an early adopter of podcasts. Not even close. Even after being a guest on four shows, I kind of resisted them.

According to the Pew Research Center report, since 2013, US monthly podcast listeners have grown from 12% to 21%. While this number has doubled, it still leaves out 79% of the US population. However, when looking at those that have ever listened to a podcast, this rises to 36%. The research credits this increase to the accessibility to mobile devices and high-speed internet. Libsyn is a hosting platform that eases podcasters’ distribution of content out to places like iTunes, Google Play, Stitch and more. In 2015, Libsyn reported download numbers have doubled since 2012. Part of this gain in popularity is due to the number of podcasts doubled since 2012 (12,000 in 2012 to 28,000 in 2015). Learn more about the survey results here.

The Imposters Podcast

The primary reason I finally started listening to podcasts was because I finally knew people producing them. Enter The Imposters Podcast. Amma Marfo, Becca Fick, Mallory Bower and Sue Caulfield. Pause please, and go subscribe.

Now enter my podcast – Josie and the Podcast. This title is the result of crowd-sourcing name suggestions, hundreds of Google searches for “How do you…”, dozens of YouTube tutorials, purchases from Amazon including a larger hard drive, Blue Yeti microphone, three software programs – and, let’s be honest, a lot of freaking time.

josie-itunesSo far I’ve produce ten episodes – featuring campus leaders and new media pioneers who are digital influencers and innovators. From Senior Vice Presidents on Snapchat to YouTubers receiving billions of views, all interviews are through the lens of social media and leadership. The project has truly been an adventure – attempting to learn how to podcast through the highs and lows of experimentation and exploration.

The latest podcast episode features one of the creators of The Imposters – Amma Marfo. We hope you’ll check it out! Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher & Google Play!

Since releasing my first episode, I’ve lost track of the number of colleagues, friends, and family that have asked me about how to start a podcast. At first. I was l like – “Well, I don’t know, I’m still figuring that out!” I also get asked a lot about the higher education/student affairs podcasts people should follow. So, I’m going to list out everything I use and a list of shows you might want to check out. Next, I’m putting some other higher education professionals on the spot who I believe SHOULD be producing a podcast – even if it isn’t entirely about education. And then finally a few resources.

My equipment

**Some of this equipment was from recommendations, others trial and error.

Podcasts for Your Playlist

**Not necessarily all about higher ed – these may also be heavy on the tech side

—Please comment below to suggest others to add! Are you podcasting – please let us know!

Who SHOULD be podcasting

**When I think about a handful of higher ed professionals who are amazing storytellers, leaders and content creators  – these are a few names that come to mind. This is in NO way exhaustive and I would love to hear from you who else should be podcasting in Higher Ed! Please also keep in mind this is just my humble opinion, not representative of the entire Digital Leadership Network.

—Who do you want to ‘hear’ podcasting in 2017??

Helpful tutorials and articles to get started:

**A number of these were passed on to me, a few more are resources I’ve collected through my podcasting adventures.


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