Introducing the Digital Leadership Network!

Welcome to the Digital Leadership Network! We are a collaborative network of working educational professionals who have an invested interest and curiosity in social communication technologies, and the influence and impact on students, educators, and our society. Our goal is to unify and collaborate with other higher educational professionals interested in the intersection of Leadership and Digital Communication Tools.

The aim of the Digital Leadership Network is to :

  • Produce quality digital content that is practical and immediately useful to educational professionals about social media applications and technology tools
  • Seek out research that addresses scholarship gaps in leadership, student development and professional preparation that recognizes the impact/presence of technology
  • Showcase resources that network members have produced, including workshops, presentations at campus, local, regional & international conferences
  • Serve as a professional learning network and hub for graduates students through senior level educational leaders

If you would like to blog with us or have any questions, reach out through the contact page!

To learn more about the Digital Leadership Network team, check out our about page or take a look at the founders introductory blog posts from Josie, Christina, Cidnye, Charlie and Tyler .

Josie AhlquistChristina Ferrarityler millerCharlie PottsCidnye Weimer



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