If I Had Social Media in College

Thank you for checking out the Digital Leadership Network! I am so very excited for the possibilities of this group, the content we aim to create and impact throughout the field of higher education. I am joined by some amazing colleagues – who without hesitation answered my phone when presenting this network.

I am so very excited for the possibilities of this group, the content we aim to create and impact throughout the field of higher education. I am joined by some amazing colleagues, who without hesitation answered my call when proposing this network.

You can call me Josie (Jo-C) – even though on one of four diplomas hung in my office I get to call myself Doctor. I’ve worked in higher education since 2003 in residence life, student activities, student unions, academic affairs and now as a research associate and adjunct faculty. I am based in Los Angeles – and work for Florida State University remotely. Throughout the academic year, I travel to dozens of campuses and conferences to share my work on digital leadership.

Josie in College at SDSU

I loved college.  1999-2003 proved a time for self-discovery, stumbling into the field of student affairs and even right before graduation meeting my future husband!

But the only social media-like application was AOL Instant Messenger. And I loved it. I rushed to my desktop after class to log-in. In college, I filled my days enjoying all that South Dakota State student life had to offer, from being a varsity soccer player, orientation leader, and programming board director. Moments were captured on and off campus with photos that lived on prints, scrapbooks, and oversized desktops – but not online.

I keep my college experience, and where the world was/was not with social media, fresh in my mind as I carry out my work as a researcher, speaker and author on Digital Leadership – especially for college students.  Because we now hold our students – no our entire society – to a standard that I was not in college. One slip up on social media in college, could cost a young adult their career.

For you as an educational professional, if you had social media in college, would you have your job today?

I do not know if I would. And based upon my research on senior level leaders in student affairs (Deans of Students and above) currently utilizing social media in their roles today – they have told me the same.

I teach and lead this Digital Leadership Network initiative through an empathetic and purpose-driven lens. I do not claim these tools are perfect, but they are powerful. My research on college students experiences with social media also deepens this call. Even our most involved and trained student leaders do not feel like they given positive examples for online behavior. What would you tell a college student what you actually want them doing online?

img_8521ccrt2Most of my work is done independently, but I have been itching to collaborate with others to make a bigger impacted. So, I have gathered up a group of professionals that are fascinated with the possibilities of social media. We aim to present what leadership can look like online, for college students, administrators, and faculty.  We acknowledge the rapid pace of change in technology, in addition to the ever impactful federal/state policies calling for compliance and shrinking budgets on college campuses. The network will curate content built from actual campus programs, recent research, and feature the voices of professionals and even students use of social media.


Make sure to subscribe to the blog – and if you’d like to get involved, head to the contact page to share your information!


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